Tuesday, 11 May 2010

2 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 150KRR and Ninja 150 R/L - Kawasaki Motorcycles

Hi guys.. still from my Kawasaki Motorcycles Show report, here is Kawasaki Ninja 150 Series, yeah.. Kawasaki Ninja ZX150 or some people called Kawasaki Ninja 150KRR/RR and Kawasaki Ninja 150R/L. In 2010, Kawasaki still give their 2 stroke motorcycles, Kawasaki 150 is one of the best 2 strokes Motorcycles between price and Performance. I never know why Kawasaki Motorcycles still produce this Series, but i thing, 2 strokes still have fans, yeah me too..

No many change on Kawasaki Ninja zx150 KRR, you can see at the picture above, still like older than 2010 but some color looks more fresh..
Here is the New Kawasaki Ninja 150 series, yeah New Ninja 150R/L/N. Now, all Ninja 150 2 strokes used SUPER KIPS!! yeah like this.. if you want to buy and try the Kawasaki Ninja two strokes, you may try this one, if you have many of money, you can buy Ninja 150RR/KRR, this is Ninja 150 Fairing series, but if you want Naked version of Kawasaki Ninja 150 series, you can try Ninja 150 R/L/N...
This is another info about Ninja 150 Series
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Okay.. Have Fun brother !! Go Ninja 150 !!


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