Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Again.. Kawasaki Ninja ZX 150 KRR Modification

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 150 KRR Modification - Why Ninja 150KRR or ZX150 always be hunt? because Ninja KRR is the best two stroke now in some country in the world. Kawasaki Ninja 150KRR or another people called Ninja ZX150R like in Thailand, have more features, and very nice to modified, look at the pict, that is no more to modification, great motorcycle fairing, amazing performance with Ninja Super Kips Technology included, this is cool huh..

Well well.. nice motorcycles.. this is looks like Kawasaki Ninja ZXRR on the Motot GP Racing !!, i don't know who the NInja owner on this pic, but l just want to say to him "Nice Ninja" dude...
The Muffler and Exhaust on this Ninja ZX150KRR Modification isn't standard, yeah you can see the label on the Ninja Muffler dude lol.. Nice modification on Stripping, the pic NGK and Kawasaki label is very awsome plus White Cast Wheel, very clean !! On the body rear look more like Motorcycle for racing design.

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Have fun !!! with Kawasaki Ninja ZX 150 KRR Modification !!!


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