Tuesday, 26 January 2010

How to solved Super Kips problems on Kawasaki 150RR Motorcycles

How to solved Super Kips problems on Kawasaki 150RR Motorcycles?, this is the big big problem for motor sport owner like us, SUPER KIPS is very important to maintenance, finally, i hope this tips can solved your Ninja 150RR problem, guy.. after Kawasaki launched the the New Kawasaki Ninja 150 version with fast Eoru2 technology, many of ninja biker have same problem with their Ninja Super Kips, so try this tips to solved it. Stuck for the remaining stack exhaust gas crust. So hampered swivel motion. But, do not need to be replaced. Self-service and cleaning is needed like on cylinder heads.

True Super kips valve technology is for adding power. SUPER KIPS opened when the engine run and up to 7000 rpm. At the lower rpm, the motor acceleration is good because the Super kips valve closed. Thus opening a large hole not eksos. And, in rpm on top speed of his speed. For kips valve opening additional eksos burrow. As a result, exhaust gas is smoother and more faster than with out super kips adding.

Open the rubber cover Super kips in front of cylinder-head. Check with open the gas up to 7000 rpm. If the stoke do not move the Super kips, the signature component is jammed. It should be at 6000 rpm Super kips mechanic began opening full-motion and after 7000 rpm. Open your ninja fairing and then follow this instruction

SKIPS valve stems player : Then the player off the valve stems Super kips. Use the key ring 10 . Watch out, open ring generally different from the bolts. Open circles to the right. Instead, up turn to the left. Before removing the stems player, watch the top, there is a point.

pic form motorplus-online[DOT]com, Advanced Super kips detached house. Remove the two bolt lock with a key ring 8 open with normal method, turn to the left. Now Super kips valve plasticity. Before you take it off, notice the component of both valves. There was 1 point on each stroke component. Pas put up later, the two points meet. Bolt lock, locking bolt out of two key valve use L5 key. Revoking the valve should help lever with a screwdriver min.
After successfully pull .. clean teflon coated parts with orange color .. If there is liquid can be sprayed carburator cleaner used to soften the crust.
here they are the some picture to follow solve SUPER KIPS problem tips

translate by me with some modification word, because google is not 100% accurate
source from Kawasaki Ninja forum at : ncc[DOT]or[DOT]id
Have Fun and please take care your super kips dude !!!


Anonymous said...

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admin said...

thank's for your comment Alicia, this is the great info for kawasaki ninja rider like us...

Anonymous said...

hye there.i'm a kawasaki ninja 150 RR owner from malaysia.i have basically 2 questions here.are there any differences between 150 R and 150 RR engine? secondly,i would like to know how many pieces of reed valve steel in my block@ head?thank you

admin said...

@all: you can read my older post than it..
Ninja 150R = No fairing, great for acceleration
Ninja 150RR = Fairing, great for top speed
that all.. both of them now used super kips....

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