Saturday, 2 January 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 150 R VS Ninja 150 RR/KRR

I don't believe this, Kawasaki Ninja 150R is the winner !! yeah i always read and see news or Ninja Biker experience sharing story at Ninja Forum, and i found great article that show race result between Kawasaki Ninja 150R VS Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR/KRR, Ninja 150R owner tell that he is the winner at drag race at the night time, at the first race time, Ninja 150RR get fast and go first but after a second time, Ninja 150R get on the front and be the leader !! what this is can happen?

Ok let see together, 2007 above Ninja 150R has used Super Skips, this is used to on Kawasaki Ninja 150 KRR, and why Kawasaki 150R is more better than Kawasaki KRR? hmmm i think one of the answer is motorcycle weight, yeah Kawasaki Ninja 150 KRR is more weight than Ninja 150R, Ninja 150R is more light and maybe this is the reason why Ninja 150R can beat Ninja 150RR !!

But hold on brother!! this is can happen if race just only for close distance, like 100 meters, for long distance race and more than 5 KM, Ninja 150 KRR still the leader !!

NB : Ninja USED standard engine !! this is only true experience from ninja biker, fact maybe different with other biker experience who used Kawasaki Ninja 150R or Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR/KRR !!!

Both Kawasaki Ninja 150 type still my favorite ride !!
Everything is ok !! Have Fun my Brother !!


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