Thursday, 27 December 2012

Honda CBR125R - Sportbike For Beginners

Is Honda CBR125R good for me?, you will find the answer here. Beginners motorcycles rider usually find it difficult when they try to choose a sportbike, so today I want to show you a simple example from Honda CBR125R mini sportbike as a good new bike for beginners. Please note that Honda CBR sportbikes family is not only comes with only all about powerful engine, but it's also about style and comfortable, the CBR series made by sport gen and race style which it perfect for everyone who loved about sportbike appearance.

Many motorcycles rider dreaming about to ride the Sportbike series such as CBR1000RR, Yamaha R1, Suzuki GSX-1000R or Ninja ZX-10R, but sometimes they are not a real motorcycles rider, I mean they're not experienced to ride the sportbike, so how to become the sportbike rider? all you have to do just try to tide a small engine sportbike and learn more about ride a motorcycle.

In 2011, Honda UK offered the 2011 CBR125R series, look at the picture below.

Honda CBR125R
The CBR125R has been made by Honda, it's specially for beginner rider who want to try the sportbike motorcycles style, CBR125R looks almost the same with another CBR sportbike line-up, like a CBR250R, this 125cc engine sportbike also has full fairing motorcycles style !!, now you can ride a sportbike but has friendly engine performance for new rider.

Basically, Honda CBR125R has comes with 124.7cc of engine capacity, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 2-valve SOHC single, 6 speed transmission and produces 9.8kW of maximum power, this is a light performance sportbike and perfect for new rider. Don't worry about the CBR125R style, because the CBR125R also has good appearance, equipped with solid bodywork, disc brakes, large tires sizes and sporty decal, everything about sportbikes style has on it!!!.

Based from my previous post, this mini CBR sportbike offering you a cheap of price, about £3,170 in UK. So what are you waiting for? now if you want to play with the sportbike motorcycles, you can try to ride the CBR125R, it's cheap, easy to ride, friendly handling, smooth engine performance but the style is still rock!!. Good luck.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Suzuki Smash Titan 2012

Suzuki Titan
2012 Suzuki Smash Titan or also just called as Suzuki Titan is entry level under-bone motorcycles from Suzuki, this bike comes with only 113cc of engine capacity, 4 stroke, SOCH and 4 speed transmission. In this year, we can meet with 3 types of Suzuki smash Titan 2012, the first model is Smash Titan 115, Smash Titan 115 R and the last one is Smash Titan 115 SR.

I have posted about the Titan bike in this post in 2010, but today we will see more from the new version of Titan. Actually, the new Suzuki Titan engine specs is almost the same with the older version, so there will not found many changes is this point.

So what is the Titan 115, Titan 115 R and Titan 115 SR?

Basically, all of the new Suzuki Titan is almost the same, the engine and the body work looks almost the same, but we can found some difference on this bike, the first thing that you have to know is, Titan 115 SR is the premium class of Titan, and the standard Titan 115 is the cheapest than all. Here is the comparison list.

Suzuki Smash Titan Version
Titan       -       Titan R      -      Titan SR
Drum brake          Disc brake          Disc Brakes
Spoke Wheels        Spoke Wheels        Cast Wheels

As you can see, the Titan 115 comes with only drum brake system on the both side (front brake and rear brake), and also powered by spoke wheels as the Titan 115 R (but it comes with disc brakes). The premium Titan is the SR version, now it has equipped by disc brakes and sporty cast wheels. nice

2012 Suzuki Titan

Colors available
Titan 115 : Titan Black
Titan 115 R : Macho Bright Blue
Titan 115 SR : Pearl Flash Green-Titan Black, Candy Sunner Red-Titan Black

2012 Suzuki Titan 115 offered many features and advantages such as low fuel consumption, low noise, sporty design, new stronger engine, cover suspension, large under seat storage, advance security lock key, sporty display and many more.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Good Things from 2013 Yamaha New Vixion

As we have seen before, a few weeks ago, Yamaha Motorcycles Indonesia has introduced the all new Vixion to the market, this is a good new for 150cc street bike lover who planed to buy a 150cc bike. So what is the good things from the 2013 Yamaha New Vixion generation?

New Vixion 2013
New Yamaha Vixion : image from

A few days ago and also until right now, the topic of new Vixion 150 motorcycle from Yamaha is being hotly discussed, after along long times never getting a significant changes, Yamaha Indonesia finally gives many ultimately changes and total new appearance to the new Vixion, not only just the color and new tagline changes, but it gives a lot of Yamaha Vixion plus points including some parts.

Almost touching the word "perfect", I said like that because this motorcycle now appear more modern and looks more elegant, deficiencies have been repaired. There are many things that I love from the New Vixion, including the use of larger tires, followed by a wider wheels, rear disc brake, new ignition position, new rear brake lights, and also completed with new gas tank. All of that makes the new Vixion 150 looks perfect, but there is new thing from new gen of Vixion that I don't like, that is the design of new headlmap which it look less than sporty looks.

New Yamaha Vixion
New Vixion Headlamp, not so good huh? : image from

Lets look closer, all parts of new Vixion been perfect, but the headlights look less than sporty style, Yamaha should better give a sharper headlights like the earlier Vixion headlight/ 2nd gen of Vixion (the first generation Vixion using the round headlights). Oh yeah I have to tell you that Yamaha also need to give a new engine cover to make this bike perfect.

That's all, the good thing from the all new 2013 Vixion are :

New Features :

- New rear disc brake
- New large tires
- New digital display
- New Fuel-Tank design
- New Ignition position
- New Headlamp
- New muffler
- New prices, etc.

Good works !! congratulation for the Yamaha, we hope the next Vixion will available with new sharp headlamp and also new engine cover, have a nice day.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New Yamaha Vixion 2012-2013 Edition - New Born !!

Yamaha Vixion
Yamaha Motorcycles Indonesia finally released the new Yamaha Vixion 2012/2013 edition at Jakarta Motorcycles Show a few days ago, this 150cc motorcycles now equipped with many new thing as a new features for getting more attention from the fans. After a long long time "be a King of 150cc motorcycles" in Indonesian market place, now Yamaha has changed this bike into the new modern style. Let see the comparison between the old version and the new one.

Yamaha New Vixion 2013 has comes with new Tag line, The Lightning !!, this bike inspired by the premium Yamaha 1000cc sportbike, YZF-R1. The new Vixion has been born with many new good things such as larger rear tire (120/70 of tire size) new muscle fuel-tank design, sharp rear body side design, sporty premium muffler/exhaust, new Digital display instrument, new head lamp with sporty visor and many more. The is some thing cute on this bike, when we try to starting the engine, you will see the word "Hi bro" on the main display which it mean "Hi guys" !!, looks good?

The old comes without rear disc brake system and comes with small inch of rear cast-wheels, on the new 2012-2013 Vixion edition everything looks better than before, thanks to the Yamaha team which it now has offered the new rear disc brakes system and larger cast-wheels type, nice works!!.

Here is the older version of Vixion bike

2011 Yamaha Vixion white

Here is the Yamaha New Vixion 2012/2013 teaser

Yamaha New Vixion 2012/2013

At JMS 2012, Foto by Yamaha at

New Yamaha Vixion 2012-2013 Edition

The all new Yamaha Vixion 2012/2013 edition reported will ready for more than one color version, the colors are Red White, Black Red, Solid Black, and Champagne Gold. What about the engine? is there any new thing from it?

Unfortunately, Yamaha didn't do more at this point, New Yamaha Vixion still powered by 150cc SOCH engine, 4 stroke engine, 4 valve, liquid-cooled, and 5 speed transmission, the engine produces 11.1 kW @8500 rpm of maximum power and 13.1 Nm @7500 rpm of maximum torque, nice.

Today, Yamaha Vixion is still the best for 150cc class, many people falling in love to the bike because the power, price and style was perfect for entry-medium class motorcycles user in Indonesia. So what more from this bike? let see more about the new Vixion 2012/2013 edition in the next post. Cheerss..

Friday, 2 November 2012

New Honda CB150R Released

Honda Motorcycles Indonesia finally introduced the all new Honda CB150R street fighter motorcycle type at Jakarta Motorcycles Show a few days ago. Honda CB150R is a total new bike from Honda which it has powered by 150cc DOCH engine, it's the same engine as CBR150R full fairing bike version but the CB150R comes without full fairing style.

Honda CB150R photo
Honda CB150R at JMS - Photo :

Honda call this bike as HondaCB150R StreetFire, powered by 150cc DOCH engine Fuel Injection system with 6 speed transmission, CB150R looks so powerful for riding anytime and anywhere. There is something new from Honda 150cc bike, CB150R born with New Innovative Truss Frame which it "looks" almost the same as VTR250R frame.

CB150R Video teaser..

When this bike will be available in the market? well I'm not sure about it but I thing it will available soon.

As you can see, Honda CB150R is sporty street fighter bike, the bike equipped with semi-digital display, disc brakes system on the front and rear tires, racing cast wheels, and sharp body work designed, everyone who need a simple package of CB150R can choose the CB150R streetfire. What about the specification and price? actually Honda not yet confirmed about this points but let see it in the next post. The good things from CB150R are fuel injection system and DOCH engine features, the DOCH engine actually need high rpm to get the max power, so if you like touring experience, CB150R is one of the best for you.

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