Saturday, 2 January 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 150cc technology

This is part 2 from Kawasaki Ninja 150cc technology info, before i posted this article, i have post about Kawasaki Ninja 150 Super Kips, you can read it before. Now, i just want to share about another Kawasaki Ninja 150R or Ninja 150RR/KRR technology part. And here they are..

HSAS (High Performance Secondary Air System) is a clean-air channels are directly injected into the room (chamber) where the exhaust gases from the engine comes down. At the end of the airway is placed reed-valve mechanism, which only opens when the pressure in the lower chamber (mean at low engine rotation). At high pressure in the chamber (ie when the engine rev higher) reed valve closed. At the time the Super kips valve function open (at high RPM) HSAS functioning closed, otherwise at low engine rev Super kips valve which serves to close, open HSAS function, which is open at the fresh air into the exhaust chamber. HSAS main use is to accelerate the oxidation reaction in the converter by way catalic induce fresh air into the combustion gas mixture and the remaining gas to form a solid mixture of oxygen.

Catalytic converter developed by Kawasaki-called "two stage catalyst" that is added precatalytic converter whose goal is improving the exhaust gas temperature at the time of entering the main Catalytic Converter to obtain a more perfect purification. In addition to the metals used are Converternya Catalytic unit which includes the noble metal is Platinum and Rhodium, which is known has a very good ability to purify gases in CO (Carbon Monoxide = Carbon Monoxide) and HC (Hydro Carbon = Hydro Carbon). After passing Catalytic Converter, these two toxic gases will change to a gaseous form of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water are not bracun. Please note here that the gases HC, CO and NOX (nitrogen oxide = Oxyde) are gases that are not colored at all (not shown). This Catalytic Converter technology requirements that are not negotiable, that is used to fuel gasoline-free gasoline used timbal.Bila still balance the gas holes in Catalytic Converter will quickly clog. So the program "clean sky" (as clean as any name) if not supported by the provision of fuel that meets the requirements (ie free of lead = Plumbum = Pb) had all these discussions are still in the stage of discourse, can not be practically implemented.

Super Cylinder Electrofussion it has become a standard Kawasaki Ninja. The fourth technology is not directly related to the gas NOx (nitrogen oxide) and CO (Carbon Monoxide) or HC (Hydro Carbon) but more to the smog that is always covered when not used 2 motors (except Ninja) through us. As is known, using the Super Kawasaki Ninja Electrofussion Cylinder cylinder which seemed to have pores that can hold oil pellumas therein. Because these technologies, the use of motor oil on Ninja guaranteed not to matter too much because the lubrication can be ascertained the existence of sufficient lubrication in the "pores" her Electrofussion Super Cylinder. The inside of the cylinder Ninja made through a process of electro-fusion of certain metals, namely molybdenum and High Carbon Steel. Molybdenum wire and high carbon steel wire with a diameter of 1.4 mm placed alternately along the cylinder and electricity 15,000 volts ( "blown up" - to 15,000-volt molybdenum and High Carbon Steel 13,000 volts) so that the metal is transformed into particles that dissolve into surface of the cylinder and form a special metal coating very thin on the inside of the cylinder (martensite = composition of iron and carbon is strong). This process is repeated several times (7 times Molybdenum, High Carbon Steel 14 times) and eventually formed a very strong layer (thickness less than 0.070 mm). Surface layers of these explosions are able to absorb and hold grease lubricant (porous) where the fine cracks of oil is going to live in it, so to avoid any direct friction between the walls of the cylinder with a piston. So in addition to the layer of electro-fusion is very strong, the layer that ensures continuous lubrication for piston friction with the walls. That's why virtually elektrofusi system is the cylinder will never need korter (oversized) besides that this system ensures that sufficient oil consumption, which would also reduce the possibility of excessive burning of oil that cause pollution of exhaust out of white smoke.

Guys.. Kawasaki Ninja 150cc or we always called "Ninja 150R" or "Ninja 150 RR/KRR" is the most power full motorcycle engine for speed freak maniac, so this is the great thing you must to know about Kawasaki Ninja 150cc type variant !!!! Enjoy !!


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