Thursday, 17 November 2011

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R VS 2012 Honda CBR250R - Specs Comparison

The war of 250cc sport city bike has begin, now both of bikes has already on their official website, here is specs comparison between the all new 2012 Kawasaki ninja 250r VS 2012 Honda CBR250r and I hope you will know more about new ninja 250 series also new CBR250r series. Actually, Kawasaki has give the prices of 2012 ninja 250 but the price of 2012 Honda CBR250R is not yet available, so I can't put the prices comparison on this table. Why just 2 bikes? well, the war between ninja 250 and CBR 250 is very interesting, both of bikes has made for beginner riders and comes from Big Name Japan motorcycles brands, Honda and Kawasaki, don't forget Ninja 250 and CBR 250 are global product, so it's very important to know more about these bikes if you want to ride a 250cc motorcycles right? here we go.

2012 Ninja 250R VS 2012 CBR250R

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R VS 2012 Honda CBR250R - Specs Comparison
Update : Ninja 250 curb weight = 374.9 lbs.

2012 Ninja 250R VS CBR250R Table Comparison


2012 Kawasaki ninja 250r
2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R : good engine with 2 cylinder type (Parallel twin engine), DOCH, liquid-cooled and 6 speed transmission, it's produced almost ~33PS of maximum power, the maximum power of 2012 Ninja 250R has better than CBR250R, it's also better style than CBR 250R. 2012 Ninja 250 just only come with carburetor only, there is not available for injection edition (for global market), the brakes is good enough, but again there is no ABS series for Ninja 250R.

Honda CBR250R
2012 Honda CBR250R : The engine uses single cylinder 250cc, DOCH, liquid-cooled, 6 speed transmission, the CBR250R engine produced ~26PS - ~27PS of maximum power, it's can't beat the Ninja 250R maximum power, but wait, CBR250R is green bike, I mean CBR250R usees fuel injection system and can save gas more better than Ninja 250R, while Ninja comes with no ABS option, CBR250R has use it, it's a great features for better safety ride and also better handling.

The comparison specs of 2012 Kawasaki ninja 250r VS 2012 Honda CBR250r has make me know more about motorcycles characteristic, 2012 ninja 250r looks better for long trip which it need more maximum performance and also maximum top speed, 2012 CBR250R is good bike with rich of features it's totally better than 2012 Ninja 250r, it's just lose of max power, 2012 CBR250R is almost complete beginner motorcycles for new riders who need a sport full fairing motorcycles from trusted motorcycles brand, Honda. Honda CBR250R also available with injection system and ABS features. So, which is better for you? choose it by your needs. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Please research the weight on the Kawasaki, you have it at (357), reality 357 is wet weight for the Honda. The weight of the Kawasaki from ninja 250 weight is 374.9lbs curb weight.

Admin said...

Thanks You for your information, yes you're absolutely right, the new 2012 Ninja 250 has 374.9 lbs. of weight, and the weight data of Ninja 250 on table is wrong. Thanks again. it has corrected.

Anonymous said...

Now the ninja 250r also available in injection. Does this reduce it max power?

Admin said...

The fuel-injection version of Ninja 250 is not for global market (not yet) and I thing the injection version will bring a little bit better performance than the carburetor edition, I will post it latter.

Anonymous said...

Fuel injection is out in bangalore

Admin said...

@Up : Well, congratz for your, Kawasaki looks will bring the Ninja 250 FI to the global market this years, let's waiting for it.

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