Friday, 29 June 2012

Choosing The Right Tires For Our Motorcycles

Tire is one of the most important parts from the motorcycle, so today I want to show you a few info about choosing the right tires for our motorcycles. As one of Kawasaki Ninja riders, I thing that choosing the right tire for my Ninja is so hard, I'm not the expert about the tires type but today I found the great articles from site which it shown many information about the tire, I will show you about it at the end of this article.

Ninja 250R with default tires

Performance or style? smart modifications for all riders

Let's take an example, I believe that many of Ninja 250R felt confused when they trying to choose the right (perfect) tires for their bikes and as usual I found 2 points about it, the point are "choosing the large tire", or the "standard" even the "smaller tire size", So which is the best Ninja 250R tires size for us?. Well, when you choose the large tire for your Ninja 250 motorcycles (also for other type), the performance of your bike may dropped and less than standard performance, but you will get better appearance and better style, so the key points from large tire type are better style, better handling, better cornering and safety ( please consider about your rims size and don't try to use the extreme tire size yor your bike!!!).

What about choosing the small tire size? I don't recommend to use it? it's danger for beginner riders, yes of course, if we use a tire with small size, the ability of the tire grip will be reduced, it would be dangerous for safety!!, and the most important is the ability of our brakes will go worse!!. So what is the benefit from choosing a smaller tire size than standard tire size?, well the acceleration of our bikes will better, it's because the weight of small tire has lighter and the total motorcycle weight will be lighter, see it?. If you're the Ninja 250 rider, you may like other info about Ninja 250 and you can read it here (choosing Ninja 250 tires - Ninja 250 with large tires - 2012 Ninja 250 specs).

Back to the main topic, choosing the right tires is easy when you known more about tires information and as we know that many of tire brands such as Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin or also Pirelli offers many motorcycles tires type, they came with variate tires type, code and many more, so how to know more about it? just go to the and here is the link adress


Very useful article, the article in there has given a lot of knowledge about tire size and motorcycles tire code to me, I'd like to say thank the author whi has posted the article.

So, I hope you will get the right tires for your motorcycles, please consider about riding safety point and be a smart motorcycles rider, if you ask to me "which is the best tire size for my bike?", my answer are the standard edition or the large tire (with the right rims), what about the small tire size? I don't recommended to use it and I know that many of motorcycles riders has mods their bike with small tire size, but I thing they're profs riders, so keep smart guys. Good luck for all of you and keep safety, enjoy your motorcycles.


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