Monday, 25 June 2012

Kawasaki W800 - Cafe Style Edition

Kawasaki W800 - Cafe motorcycles editionAs one of classical style motorcycles, Kawasaki W800 actually has comes with beautiful style, but sometimes we need more than "standard classical style motorbikes", so, Kawasaki seems to have understood about this, and for it Kawasaki has provided an attractive offer with other W800 version for all of you. in January 2012, I have written about the Kawasaki W800 special edition (you can read it HERE), and now Kawasaki Motorcycles returned to give another option for you, this is the Kawasaki W800 Cafe Style edition, comes with more classical style and more race looks. If I have to tell the truth, the Kawasaki W800 Special Edition and Cafe Style Edition looks almost the same, but the Cafe Style comes with more "old looks" parts such as classical sport fairing and sport seat style. Here is the bike.

Kawasaki W800 Cafe Style Edition

Based from Kawasaki motorcycles official page, there is 6 main features from the Kawasaki W800 Cafe style edition, and the features are :

1. Classical head-lamp fairing cafe style with wind-shield
2. Cafe style of Single seat
3. Kawasaki Special Edition emblem on the tank
4. Full black engine schemes
5. Matt black exhaust
6. Gold wheel rims style

I have found nothing about the price of Kawasaki W800 Cafe Style edition, but we can see at the Kawasaki W800 SE prices, it has started from £6,999 and I thing the Cafe Style edition will more expensive. Actually, all of Kawasaki W800 version has pretty style, I love the spoke wheels type, rounded head-lamp, peanut fuel-tank style and many more, so if you want to try the modern classical bikes, the Kawasaki W800 line-up may perfect for you, almost the same with Ducati Sport Classic bike, Kawasaki W800 series has made ​​me impressed. Nice classic cafe style motorcycles from Kawi, enjoy your ride.


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