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Honda NSR 150 - Fast Honda 150cc 2-Strokes Bikes

Honda NSR 150Honda NSR 150 is one of the most popular Honda 150cc 2-strokes motorcycles in many country, NSR 150 also comes with some type such as NSR 150 R, NSR 150 RR and also NSR 150 SP edition, all of NSR 150 series equipped with 150cc of engine capacity, 2-stroke engine, Single Cylinder Liquid Cooled, Crankcase Reed Valve Induction and 6 speed transmssion. Based from various of sources, Honda NSR 150 series has comes with high engine performance and power, it's one of the fastest bike in the 150cc 2-strokes engine class. Lets looks the NSR 150 R and 150 RR series, this bike reportedly produces more than 30 HP of maximum power, and the great thing is the NSR 150 SP reportedly produces almost 40 HP !!, what a great bike from Honda. Unfortunately, Honda has stopped the production of NSR 150 variant, so if you want to try this bike you should better check the used motorcycles stores, hope you find it because the NSR 150 is rare bike today.

The best NSR 150 series is Honda NSR 150 SP edition, this bike produces 39 HP @10,500 rpm of maximum power, it's totally better performance than the NSR 150 even NSR 150 RR series, here is the bike, pics via Google images search

Honda NSR 150 SP

I can't found the specifics details about NSR 150 R/RR or SP edition, but here is the main specs of NSR 150 and it has comes from NSR 150 RR specs page from

Honda NSR 150 Specifications

Engine Type : Single Cylinder Liquid Cooled 2-Stroke, Crankcase Reed Valve Induction
Bore and Stroke : 59mm x 54.5mm (2.2" x 2.15")
Capacity : 149cc (9.1 cu-in)
Spark Plug Type : NKG B9ECS
Spark Plug Gap : 0.7mm - 0.8mm (0.028" - 0.031")
Idle Speed : 1300rpm (+/- 100rpm)
Length X Width X Height : 1970mm X 685mm X 1060mm
Wheelbase : 1335mm
Ground Clearance : 142mm (5.6")
Weight : 122.4Kg (269.8lbs)
2-Stroke Oil : 1.2 liter
Transmission Oil : 0.8 liter (rebuild), 0.7 liter (drain/change)
Fuel Tank : 10.5 liter (primary), 2.7 liter (reserve)
Castor : 25° 36'
Trail : 91mm (3.6")
Seat Height : 685mm (27")
Front Tyre & Wheel : 90/80 x 17"
Rear Tyre & Wheel : 120/80 x 17"
Brake / Front : Single non-floating 298mm disk (twin piston sliding caliper)
Brake / Rear : Single non-floating 220mm disk (twin piston sliding caliper)
Transmission : 6 Speeds
Battery Type : 12V - 3AH
Charging System Output : 0.188kW
Front Lighting : 30/30W Halogen
Rear Lighting : 5/18W (Tail/Brake), and more

Maximum power : 30 HP ~ 39 HP for NSR 150R, NSR150RR and NSR 150SP

Which is the best? the NSR 150 SP looks amazing, the power and performance of NSR 150 SP engine can give you more riding experience, fast acceleration and fell the speeding, don't forget the NSR 150 SP edition also equipped with single arm while the NSR 150 R/RR comes with standard arm (dual type). Well, I love this bike and what about you? I will post more about the NSR 150 series in the next times, so if you want to ride this bike you have to know more about the NSR knowledge. Enjoy.


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