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Large of the tire for Kawasaki Ninja 250R - Part for Ninja 250R

Large of the tire for Kawasaki Ninja 250R - Part for Ninja 250R -I thing every rider want to modification their motorcycles, and of course for kawasaki ninja 250r rider this is the great idea, but how large a tire for our kawasaki ninja 250r? this is the important thing that you should to know, if you change your size of your tires for your ninja 250r, you ninja will be run more slowly and the kawasaki ninja 250r top speed will be decreased, tires is the important part for motorcycles, and of course also for kawasaki part daily use, why more slowly? this is because your kawasaki ninja 250r tires is more big than the original kawasaki ninja 250r tires, remember that i post this article only with "big tires" not change with more little "tires"

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Anything larger than a 140 will most likely rub against the chain guard. You could possibly remove the chain guard and cram something larger in there, but removing safety features is always a bad idea. Also, anything larger on a 3.5″ rim is not a good idea. So, before start going nuts with tires, there are a few things you should consider: By going with a tire larger than the stock 130, you’ll loose some of the nimbleness of the Ninja. Granted it won’t be much, but enough to notice it. You’re also going to be adding some additional weight to the the rotating mass of the bike, all while increasing the final drive ratio a tad with a taller tire (Which will be exaggerated even more if you have gone to a 15 tooth sprocket). This means more power needed to turn the tire, and possibly a minor loss in performance.

Overall: So, unless you know what you’re doing — Stay with the 130. Larger tires are most likely better suited for people who track their bike vs. around town bashers. Note: When buying new tires — The 130,140/70-17 is a popular front tire on some sport bikes. So, make sure you’re buying a rear tire, and not a front, compounds and sidewalls may differ.

Have fun with your new kawasaki ninja 250r tires .. ^_^ !!


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