Monday, 23 April 2012

2012 Yamaha BWs 50

2012 Yamaha BWs 50
New 50cc scooters here, it's the all new 2012 Yamaha BWs 50 (50cc engine) scooter. 50cc scooters class was very popular in many country, why? well like the 2012 BWs 50 scooters, almost all 50cc scooters comes with unique style, compact, easy to ride and also light of weight. This year (2012), Yamaha released the new BWs 50 series for all of you who need a real friendly scooters for daily ride. In my older posts, I have written about this 50cc scooters and I have written that Yamaha BWs 50cc has been born with the 2-stroke engine, this year Yamaha seemly want to give a fresh engine for this bike with the all new 4-stroke engine series. Unfortunately, I can't found many new things from the 2012 edition, everything looks almost the same with older edition but we will see it together now.

Yamaha BWs scooter has available in 2 version, yuppy the 50cc engine and also the 125cc engine, today both of bikes has powered by 4-stroke engine which it deliver a great MPG and friendly power delivery for all riders even for all beginner riders, and yes you can ride it by simple method, twist and go!!

Comes with the new 50cc 4stroke engine, the all new 2012 Yamaha BWs 50 prices has started from $3,079 (MSRP) with 2 colors variants, Yamaha Blue color and Metallic White color. 2012 BWs also equipped with fuel-injection system, liquid-cooled, SOCH, 3 valve!! with single cylinder. As we know, 50cc scooters always offered a great fuel consumption, the new 2012 Yamaha BWs estimated fuel consumption reported has 158 mpg!!, what a great 50cc bike so far. Go into the front side, new Yamaha BWs 50 scooters comes with 26mm fork size on suspension, 180mm disc brakes and 120/90-10 tire size, and jump into the rear side, this mini 50cc scooters comes with single shock unit swing-arm suspension, drum brakes type and 120/90-10 of tire size. 2012 Yamaha BWs 50cc is very compact vehicle with only 93Kg of wet weight, 1,855mm of length, 730mm of width, and only 1,095mm of height, this motorcycles also has low seat height with 770mm.

2012 Yamaha BWs

I don't know why but I love this bike so much like I loved the 2012 Honda Ruckus scooters, it's small scooter with awesome looks appears, the double rounded head-lamp and fat tires on 2012 Yamaha BWs 50 has boost the style of this bike. So if you looking for unique and friendly scooters, the new 2012 Yamaha BWs 50 may good for you, it's light of weight, low fuel consumption and off course beautiful style. Keep safety ride guys.


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