Friday, 30 September 2011

Yamaha BWS

Yamaha BWS is small scooter motorcycle, Yamaha BWS uses 50cc and also 125cc of engine capacity, 2-stroke type for 50cc, and 4-stroke type for 125cc. Actually, Yamaha motorcycles company has give another another name for this bike, did you know about Zuma? that's all right .. Yamaha BWS is another name of Yamaha Zuma or also known as Yamaha MBK Booster.

Yamaha BWS
Today, let talk more about Yamaha BWS 50 first. Yamaha Canada use Yamaha BWS name for their Zuma series. On the engine, the Yamaha BWS 50 uses a 49 cc of engine displacement, 2-stroke type, air-cooled, 14 mm of Teikei carburetor with automatic choke, V-belt automatic transmission, reed-valve induction, electric starter, and also come with the kick starter . With engine like this, Yamaha BWS 50 has capabilities that are not too special, but, with a 2-stroke engine series, 50 cc seems to be enough for riding and running every day on the highway and urban. Yamaha BWS can run with maximum speed around 68km / h. Comes with beauty appearance, such as dual rounded headlamp, dual seater, low profile tire, and it's fat tire. Yamaha BWS 50 comes for efficient riding, and easy handling.

Here's some basic information from Yamaha BWS
- 5-spoke cast wheels
- Low profile rear tire 130/90-10, and 120/90-front tire
- 66 mm of front fork
- 61 mm of rear shock size
- 155 mm front disc brake
- 30.1 in (765 mm) of seat height
- 1.5 U.S. gallons (5.7 l) of fuel capacity
- and others.

Yamaha BWS 50cc 2-stroke is simple, unique and also fun scooter from Yamaha, If i have to tell the truth, i never ride a 50cc bike so far, but I have riding another 2-stroke engine and i know that 2-stroke motorcycles is more responsive, more fast on acceleration and also the power is great. It's because the basic of 2 stroke motorcycles, so if you want to ride a mini scooter bike with 50cc of engine capacity, and with 2 stroke type, Yamaha BWS 50 is one of the most interesting scooter right now.


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