Monday, 19 December 2011

Next Raider's : Suzuki Raider J Pro 110

Well, we have discussed about Suzuki Raider R150 and Suzuki Raider J series, now, it's Suzuki Raider J Pro still with 110 cc as the next gen of Raider J series. Is there any difference between Raider J 110 and Raider J Pro 110? well let see together, but basically, both of bikes still uses 110cc of engine capacity with 4 speed transmission, but the Raider J pro series uses different gears type, J pro uses 1st gear with down system and #2 to #4 uses up system (1 down, 2-4 up).

Suzuki Raider J Pro 110
The Raider J Pro is almost the same with standard Raider J 110 edition, this bikes uses 109.7cc of engine capacity, SOCH, 4-stroke, with 4 speed transmission and powered by pro clutch technology. Okay, for more details about Raider J Pro VS Raider J family, let see the Raider J standard edition.
Suzuki Raider J
Suzuki Raider J Pro comes with castling wheels edition while the Raider J uses spoke wheels type only. So, there is 2 variant for Suzuki Raider J series, Raider J 110 with spoke wheels edition, and for castling wheels series Suzuki has released the Suzuki Raider J Pro edition. How much the cost for it? here we go the prices comparison.

- Suzuki Raider J Pro : 61,900 SRP (Php)
- Suzuki Raider j : 59,900 SRP (Php)
(Prices and reference : / Dec, 2011)

So if you want to buy the Raider J 110 series, you should better check the Raider edition, because the features and also the prices has different. If you has limited budget, you can go for Raider J edition, but if you have more money, and still want to ride a 110cc, Suzuki Raider J Pro edition is the best choice for your vehicle, or want to get the most powerful engine from Suzuki Raider family? buy the Raider R150 series. Enjoy and good luck for all of you.


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