Monday, 23 April 2012

2013 Honda PCX 150 - New PCX Scooter Line-Up

2013 Honda PCX150 scooter bike type has been added on the Honda motorcycles official site (visit :, as one of the newest motorcycles line-up from Honda, this bike looks great for any rider who want to ride a scooters which it has better performance and acceleration than 125cc scooter like Honda PCX125 edition. After released the PCX 125 scooter series, Honda motorcycles now ready with the new powerful PCX series and you will love it, how cost for this bike? well Honda motorcycles not yet confirmed about the prices of PCX150 series, but it will be ready soon. Actually, I can't see any different things between the PCX125 and PCX150 type, but you can found the main changes from it on the engine capacity of course. Here is the all new 2013 Honda PCX150 looks appears..

New PCX150 has been powered by 153cc of engine displacement, SOCH 2 valve, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, PGM-FI with automatic enrichment, see it? the PCX150 specs is almost the same with the 2011 Honda PCX125 series, but the engine capacity of PCX150 has larger than PCX125. So, is there any other different thing between both of bikes? well I just founded that PCX150 uses 58.0mm x 57.9mm of bore x stroke, 10.6:1 of compression ratio, 3.1 inches of travel on the rear suspension, 51.8 inches of wheel base and 286 pounds of curb weight while the PCX125 uses 52.4mm x 57.9mm of bore x stroke, 11.0:1 of compression ratio, 2.9 inches of travel on the rear suspension, 51.4 inches of wheelbase and 280 pounds of curb-weight.

Honda motorcycles did not make any changes on the PCX150 specs, this bike still light of weight but the engine has better and larger than PCX125, do you know what it's mean? well the 2013 Honda PCX150 scooters seemly will delivery a great performance for scooters lover, while you feel that the 125cc less of performance, but you also can't spend your money for 250cc scooters, the all new 2013 Honda PCX150 is your best choice, this bike available in 2 colors variant, solid black and solid red colors. We still waiting for the prices and you can try this bike soon. Keep safety ride.


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