Friday, 13 April 2012

2012 Honda Ruckus

Unique scooter bike, that is "Honda Ruckus", for 2012 edition, Honda motorcycles also released the all new 2012 Honda Ruckus scooters type with some minor changes such as new full black colors, I know that there is no many new things for 2012 edition but it still good for better sales (IMHO). If you never know about Ruckus scooter, Honda Ruckus is special 50cc scooter from Honda which it has comes with very interesting and unique style, while many of scooters brand release many of scooters with retro classic or also modern looks, Honda seemly want to give more than a standard looks for their fans. Actually, the key point from Ruckus is design, you can see it by your self and try to give your opinion here.

2012 Honda Ruckus

2012 Honda Ruckus Features
Almost the same with the 2011 Honda Ruckus edition, the 2012 Ruckus scooter powered by 49cc of engine capacity, 4-stroke, single cylinder with liquid-cooled, for easily ride as scooter type, 2012 Ruckus uses automatic transmission (Automatic V-Matic belt drive), and you have to know that Ruckus uses fat tires!!, yeah, on the rear side, 2012 Ruckus uses 130/90-10 tire size and 120/90-10 on the front side. On the braking system, Ruckus haven't any disc brakes, Ruckus has been born with drum brakes type for both of side (front and rear brakes). So what is the new things from Honda Ruckus 2012 edition? check this out.

Based from Honda official site here: (, The new 2012 Honda Ruckus comes with almost the same specs as 2011 edition, but the 2012 has 29.0 inches of seat height while the 2011 edition has 28.9 inches. There is new colors for 2012 Ruckus scooter, Honda has offered a new White/Red colors and solid black while the 2011 edition just only available for solid black and black/orange colors.
2012 Honda Ruckus VS 2011 Honda Ruckus
2012 Honda Ruckus scooters has comes with more expensive prices (starting at $2,570), but the prices hasn't so different with older edition of Ruckus (2011 edition : starting at $2,499), what you can get from 2012 edition? the new cool red white color of course!!, so if you feel bored with the black or orange/black colors on the 2011 edition, you're the lucky person caused Honda now offered a new colors scheme for Ruckus 50cc scooter. Good luck and enjoy your ride.


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