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Kawasaki Athlete 125 Motorcycles Colors and Features

Kawasaki Athlete 125 is not the new bikes, it's also has available in 2011 and I have written about Kawasaki Athlete 125 in my older post. But today, if you never know anythings about this bike, let see more together about this Kawasaki 125cc motorcycles. Actually, Kawasaki Athlete is not global product, yeah this bike just only available in some country likes in Asia, Kawasaki Athlete also named Kawasaki Fury has comes from mini Kawasaki motorcycles family, it's under-bone motorcycles style series.

Kawasaki Athlete 125
Don't thinking super performance motorcycles likes another Kawasaki Ninja series, Kawasaki Athlete is 125cc bike with SOCH, single cylinder, 4-stroke and has 4 speed transmission, so what about the engine performance? well Kawasaki Athlete 125 has 9.9 PS @8000 rpm of maximum power and 8.6 Nm @6000 rpm of maximum, it's not bad for 125 light weight motorcycles so far.
Kawasaki Athlete
Kawasaki Athlete 125 has equipped with sports bikes features, as you can see on the images, Athlete 125 comes with disc brake on the front side and also on the rear side, it's more than enough for safety riding. To make more beauty, Kawasaki motorcycles also give aluminum cast wheels for Athlete 125cc.
Kawasaki Athlete 125cc

Kawasaki Athlete 125 Motorcycles
Colors and Basic Features

Kawasaki Athlete features
Colors Available :
Lime Green, metallic black, and Blue.

1. Display and Speedometer
2. Headlamp
3. Engine Cover
4. Unitrak Mono-shock rear suspension
5. (7) Front fuel tank style
6. Rear lamp

As one of premium minibikes from Kawasaki, Athlete 125 has impressive looks appears, it's comes with full sport stylish design, and completed with important features likes disc brakes on the both sides.

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