Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Honda Dio

It's better than before, it's new Honda Dio 2012 edition. The all new Honda Dio 110cc scooters is small scooters series from Honda that comes with 109cc of engine capacity, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine type and full automatic transmission (Honda called it as V matic), this bike absolutely perfect for riding in the city with comfortable ride and easy handling. Based from Honda official site, new Honda Dio has 5.71 kw / 8BHP @7500 rpm of maximum power and 8.66 Nm @5500 rpm, well it's not the best performance 110cc scooter but still okay for daily ride, here is the new Honda Dio design.

new Honda Dio
For 2012 edition, I found Dio colors for 5 variant, the colors are white, black, red, green and the last one is blue (correct me if i wrong), which is the best? well the white edition looks so cute, but the red edition also has nice designed. Honda seemly want to give more "taste" for their fans, while people loving more colors, Dio has comes with 5 colors and it's enough choice for all.
2012 Honda Dio
Truly, I have posted about 2012 Honda Dio series HERE, but today Dio comes with new style and new design as you can see on the images. New Dio now better style with aero dynamic and ergonomic designed, it's also delivery a comfortable ride style with slimmer foot-bar (more space for leg), relaxing sitting position (wider, longer and comfortable seat design), new Dio now also comes with 3D emblem with "Dio" name on the main body work position. For more better safety, Honda Dio equipped with tubeless tyre type and 130mm drum brakes type for front and rear side, I know that it is not the best brakes system such as with disc brakes type but new Honda Dio has been born with Honda CBS features, it's delivery powerful brakes system for 110cc bike.

Honda claimed that the new Honda Dio has 15% more mileage, so if you need a low-fuel consumption 110cc scooter, new Dio is one of the best for you. Last, if you're the super busy person and need more storage of scooter such as for gadget, books, even for your 2nd helmet, new Dio has 18 litres of storage space located under the seat position, need more? don't worry, the new Dio also offered an additional luggage box, great. What about the new Honda Dio prices? well I can't found the official price of new Dio (not yet), but I believe that the prices will not so many changes, and maybe same as the previous version of Dio series, so good luck for all of you and enjoy your ride.


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