Tuesday, 20 March 2012

2012 Honda Fury - Futuristic Chopper Bikes from Honda !

Chopper bikes always comes with futuristic style and good looking, also for 2012 Honda Fury, it's one of the best Honda Chopper series and it's now available to ride for all of you. If you looking into Honda Fury design, it's looks so awesome style, high quality design with powerful engine (1312cc V-twin engine, liquid-cooled), Honda called it as radical Fury and no other Chopper bikes like Honda Fury. The head lamp, fuel-tank design, long rake, low seat height, and many thing from 2012 Honda Fury shown that it's special Chopper bikes from special rider, great.

2012 Honda Fury

While the main body bike design of "2012 Honda Fury" looks "thin" of size, but the engine looks "bigger" than other bikes, well Honda Fury is powerful motorcycles with more than 1000cc of engine capacity, the 2012 Honda Fury uses 1312cc with V-Twin engine, SOCH, liquid-cooled, fuel injection (PGM-FI) with 5 speed transmission. The 1000cc chopper bikes must have good braking system, the new 2012 Honda Fury has done with it, Fury now available with disc brakes system on the both side, single 336 mm disc (twin-piston caliper) on the front side, and single 296 mm disc (single-piston caliper) on the rear side, great. Based from Honda official site, the 2012 Honda Fury chopper series has 45 MPG, it's good enough from 1312cc engine right?,

For 2012 edition, Honda released the Fury with $13,390 (MSRP) of prices and the bike will available in 3 colors, there are solid/metallic black, black/red color and also solid/metallic blue color. The 2012 Fury edition looks almost the same with 2010 Honda Fury series, still with 1312cc engine, liquid-cooled, same of disc brakes size and many more, I don't know what is the main changes for 2012 edition, but the bikes looks better. So, if you looking for high quality and futuristic chopper bikes, the 2012 Honda Fury looks perfect for every one, remember that it has come from the big name "Honda", so you can trust the engine power, style, durability and good style from 2012 Honda Fury edition, good luck.


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