Friday, 14 January 2011

Suzuki Thunder New 150cc or 250cc? - Suzuki motorcycles

This is a big question for all Suzuki Thunder lover, after a long-long time, Suzuki seem not make a new series for Suzuki Thunder series, but today, there are some information about New Suzuki Thunder series. Suzuki Thunder is one of touring bikes from Suzuki, there are available 2 series, Suzuki Thunder 125, and also Suzuki Thunder 250, but the Suzuki 250 has discontinued by Suzuki. So.. Will Suzuki motorcycles reborn the Thunder series? Let see together.
Suzuki Thunder
Truly, a few years ago, Suzuki thunder 125 has a popular bikes. why? first, the price of Suzuki Thunder series is cheap enough, for ex: Thunder 125, with touring styles and 125cc of engine displacement, this is makes the Thunder 125 more interesting than another series and because there are no 125cc motorcycles with touring styles as like Thunder 125.

Now, the problem is, when Suzuki give a new thunder series for us?150cc? or 250cc? If we take a looks more closer about Suzuki Thunder series, there are still available disadvantages of this bike, I can give the nice idea for Suzuki motorcycles, here we go.

1. Make a new Thunder series with 250cc or min 150cc - must
2. Use single shock breaker-must
3. Use dual disk brakes, on the front and also on the rear side - optional
4. DOCH engine - I hope he.. he..
5. Liquid-cooled - optional
6. Min of power 15HP - MUST !!
6. Use Digital Odo-Meters- optional
7. Good Prices - must

One again, Suzuki must have a good motorcycles designer, Suzuki Thunder must be changed on the design. why? 100% I don't interest about Thunder style today dude.. so will Suzuki make 100% a new thunder series..? i don't know guys.


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