Friday, 23 October 2009

White kawasaki ninja 250r

Kawasaki ninja 250r usually have 3 basic color, black, red, and green, but sometimes i look the diferent color from ninja, and i see white kawasaki ninja 250r on the internet. It's very cool and superb kawasaki ninja.. ha.. ha.. diferent with other kawasaki ninja 250r color. And here they are some picture white kawasaki ninja 250r

white kawasaki ninja 250r picture 1

[white kawasaki ninja 250r << see more...]

white kawasaki ninja 250r picture 2

white kawasaki ninja 250r picture 3

white kawasaki ninja 250r picture 4


Nick48 said...

hey... i seen on youtube, that one of the guy was taking the graphics on the white SE kawasaki ninja 250..... BUT! the guy couldent take all the grphics off because he said the top one is under the last clear coat? is that true? if yess ... howd you get yours off? cause ireall love the plane white ninja... and id like to do it myself! just a few changes , but take everrything off the bike!

Nick48 said...

hey i seen a video on youtube... and the guy was pealing the graphics on his ninja se 250... but he said he couldent take them all off because the top one was under the clear coat? is that true? in getting one soon and i want it allwhite... but if i cant... then yeh im not sure... howd you doit if it was under the clear coat???

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