Friday, 23 March 2012

New 2012 Honda CBR150R has been Present in India

In the end of 2011 to early of 2012, Honda motorcycles released the new CBR150R and CBR250R in many country, and today the new 2012 Honda CBR150R has been present in India. Actually, the all new Honda CBR150R has been present in many country such as in Thailand, but Honda just released the new CBR150R in India in this month. Based from Honda motorcycles official website, I found a little interesting things from Honda CBR150R India edition, what is that? yups the colors variant, based from my knowledge I never meet the CBR series in green colors, but today Honda released the CBR150cc with this color, hmm is there any secret from this? I don't know but it's looks a great innovation from Honda marketing teams to give more option for CBR buyer. Here is the bikes in green color, nice.

New 2012 Honda CBR150R
"Green CBR150R" it's looks different

As one of the best entry-level sport-bikes from Honda, CBR150R is pretty enough to ride, you have to know that the new Honda CBR150R designed almost the same with Honda CBR250R series, starting from the front fairing, head-lamp, tail-light, graphics decal, everything looks like CBR250R series. Just for your information, Honda CBR150R has comes with small engine capacity which it good for beginner riders, CBR150R powered by 150cc of engine displacement, DOCH, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, with fuel-injection. CBR150R engine produces 13.11 Kw @10,500 rpm, powerful enough for every new riders.
Honda CBR150R orange color
Honda CBR150R orange color, looks like Honda MotoGP Livery series, it's cool

Here is the prices of 2012 CBR150R from Honda site
2012 Honda CBR150R price
click for larger image
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Well, it's looks okay so far, Honda seemly want to get more customers from CBR series, while people thinking that CBR250R is expensive, they can go to CBR150R with cheaper of prices. Remember, both of CBR250R and CBR150R is almost the same bikes, but the CBR250R has comes with larger engine capacity, better performance and it's also available with ABS feature. If you live in India and want to ride a blood of CBR series, the all new 2012 Honda CBR150R is one of the best for you, it has light of weight motorcycles, modern looks spot-bikes style, DOCH engine with 6-speed transmission with friendly of prices, good luck and congratulations for all Indian riders, cheers. Have a nice day.


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