Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yamaha TZM - Fast 150 CC 2 stroke Motorcycles !!

Yamaha TZM is one of the best Yamaha 150CC 2 stroke Motorcycles, it's the legend from Yamaha 2 stroke Motorcycles, speed and performance is very great, some people who ever ride Yamaha TZM said that this bike is very power full and Fast 150CC 2 stroke Motorcycle !!

Yamaha TZM
Here is the Yamaha TZM 150 "great looks"
Yamaha TZM 2
Yamaha TZM 3
And here is Yamaha TZM 150 Modification
Yamaha TZM 150 Modification
Some Features Of Yamaha TZM 150
1. Full Fairing
2. Cast Wheel
3. Delta Box Chassis
4. YPVS Technology
5. Double Disk Break
Okay what about Yamaha TZM 150 VS Kawasaki Ninja Zx 150 KRR ? i don't know....


Ah_JUn said...

Hey...Can i know where u modifide your TZM150???because i also want to modifide my bike...and can i know how much u modifide your bike??

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