Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kawasaki have to add more Ninja 250 value

We need more Kawasaki ninja 250 features and value for 2012 edition !!
After Honda officially introduced the all new 2011-2012 Honda CBR250R, it's has been ascertained that the sales of Kawasaki ninja 250r will be disrupted. With a new fresh design and good appearance of CBR250R, Honda has managed to attract bikers who want to buy a 250cc bike and it's clear that sales Kawasaki result will decline.

Why did can happen? The first things is both of 250cc bikes have the same market, 250cc engine capacity, fairing added, sports street city motor-bikes type, and cheap prices. However both of bikes has advantages and disadvantages, for example Kawasaki have been presented beforehand, a new ninja 250 has been introduced in 2008 with powerful engine performance,  fresh appearance and design, Kawasaki 250 also has become one of the most popular 250cc motorcycle which is quite in riders demand in that year. After a few times to get an award, Kawasaki seems to be too optimistic to remain be the best in the 250cc class, and finally Kawasaki does not change anything for 2012 Ninja 250 edition, unfortunately.

The seconds reason "why Kawasaki have to add more ninja 250 value and features" is, after seeing the success of Kawasaki in 250cc market, we can actually see that Hyosung motorcycles with GT250R also ready with this 250cc on the market, but, it seems this bike, can not beat the Ninja 250r popularity.
2012 Kawasaki ninja 250

Honda has seen this opportunity, they are this year (2011) has introduced the CBR250R to all bikers in all over the world, although at the first launch, Honda only showed 22 countries on the official website that will get a CBR250R, you can check it out here. but i guess, if CBR250R much in demand, this motorcycle will be sold throughout the world, and will become global products of honda.
Honda CBR250R
Kawasaki Ninja 250 and Honda CBR250R is different !!.
- Ninja 250 advantages is great engine performance
- Ninja 250 disadvantages is lacks of features for modern bikes

Ninja 250R has been attended with considerable responsibility engine, 2 cylinder, DOCH, 6 speed. It's enough to drive comfortably and tried the 2 cylinder motorcycle engine, but it's not completed with modern features such as digital display, ABS and others. Honda CBR250R, although it only uses a single cylinder, but I have seen many a plus of this motorcycle. The most interesting is the ABS system and injection system, this bike comes with a lot of new riders needs, low seat height, light weight, smooth engine delivery and others. With the Big Motorcycles Boss name "Honda", CBR250R looks to strong for Ninja 250. This results is not 100% accurate and every one have personal opinion, the key of this articles is Kawasaki have to do something to get the market comeback, for example Kawasaki should better add injection system, digital display or ABS features for their Global product 2012 Kawasaki ninja 250r, for engine value, I'm as Kawasaki 250 lover still prefer to Ninja 250 than CBR250R, but for good features, I prefer to CBR250R (so far). I hope Kawasaki hear about it.


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