Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How Fast Kawasaki Ninja 125 - Kawasaki Athlete 125!!

how fast kawasaki ninja 125? well we know that this is not kawasaki ninja series, yeah Kawasaki Athlete 125 not ninja type, but Kawasaki Athlete is new product from Kawasaki for Asia market place on 125cc motorcycle. Right, lets talk about "how fast kawasaki ninja 125?". Ok talk about Kawasaki Edge first, it's only 110cc, Kawasaki edge have a good features with cheap price, Kawasaki Edge have good power, maximum power 8,3 Hp on 8.000rpm , this is very nice from Edge Kawasaki with only 110cc displacement.. Kawasaki Edge also have "kawasaki edge 125 limited edtion"

Kawasaki Limited edition / Edge 110cc special edition picture
Kawasaki Athelte 125cc is another one from Kawasaki 125cc variant, have 10 hp on 8000 rpm, Athlete is more better than Edge but yeah almost same with Ksawasaki edge 110cc, but Kawasaki Athelete have more power with 125cc, and How Fast Kawasaki Ninja Athlete 125? Kawasaki Athelte 125cc motorcycles top speed can raise up and get 110 km/hours !!

Not bad and this is standard speed than can beat with another 125cc motorcycle variant like Honda or Yamaha. I just want to say Kawasaki Athelte 125 is very nice !!, i love their monoshock suspension !!


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