Friday, 28 October 2011

Honda Gresini will be present in Valencia 2011 MotoGP

After Simoncelli accident in Sepang, I was thinking that Gresini Honda MotoGP team will not join and will not follow in the next race in Valencia this week, but it turns out and Honda Gresini likely to remain and be present in Valencia 2011 MotoGP. It's a good news and i thing everything will be okay for Gresini Honda

As it has reportedly from, Gresini Honda has confirmed that they will travel to Valencia which is the final MotoGP event in 2011, this is a tribute to their rider Marco Simoncelli, but the circulated news has not telling certainty about the race, whether they will follow the race or just present in Valencia. The decision follow the race is still discussed by them.
Honda Gresini Simoncelli
In fact, I feel sad when considering the past bad events in MotoGP Sepang, guys,, We are know that Simoncelli is one of the best MotoGP rider from Gresini Honda and I thing Gresini Honda team seems will miss him. As one of the unique and talented MotoGP rider, in fact Honda Gresini and Simoncelli has a big chance and has a great achievement in MotoGP this year, even I think Simoncelli and Gresini Honda will be the one of the strong MotoGP team for the next season in MotoGP, but unfortunately everything has to be ended in Sepang last week, and the history of Simoncelli and Honda Gresini seems to stop here.

After leaving Simoncelli from Gresini Honda, now they only have a few riders only like, Hiroshi Aoyama, Michele Pirro, and Yuki Takahashi, they are from Gresini Honda MotoGp and also Moto2. The final MotoGp will be held on November 4 to 6 November 2011 in Valencia Spain.


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