Tuesday, 6 December 2011

4 Colors of 2011 Suzuki Raider R150

Here we go, the 4 types of 2011 Suzuki Raider R150 colors edition, blue-white, black dark grey, red-black, and white-black colors. There is one cute color type on 2011 Raider 150 edition, yes the marine blue white color looks so cool, it's simple and clean like the real Suzuki flagship color on MotoGP, blue. For your information, Suzuki Raider 150 is 150cc motorcycles with DOCH, 4 valve, and 6 speed transmission, this 150cc bike is one of premium under-bone motorcycles series from Suzuki for Asian. Here they are the 4 colors of Raider R150

2011 Suzuki Raider R150 blue white color
Real color named is Candy Marine Blue, it's has dominated by blue color on the body and a few white color decal on the headlamp.
2011 Suzuki Raider R150 White black color
2011 Suzuki Raider R150 white black color also has great type, it's come with white color like blue edition but white decal now has dominated the body and a few black on the headlamp and in the front side of engine fairing.
2011 Suzuki Raider R150 red Black color
Here is the hottest color of Raider R150, it's like fire on the road, cool!!. I know that the red decal is not the primary colors, but Suzuki motorcycles team has successfully make this color type better and perfect for real motorcycles riders.
2011 Suzuki Raider R150 black grey dark color
Looking for an elegant Raider R150 color? here is the fully black color edition, or Suzuki has called it as Dark Grey series. There is no more color decal on this type, and not like the another colors variant, it's just black and grey only, simple but awesome!!.

You can read more specs and price here : 2011 Suzuki Raider R150 specs

So guys,.. did you find any favorite colors? overall, all colors of 2011 Suzuki raider R150 is okay, good looking with nice combination between primary color and secondary color, it's also completed with decal on the body and on the side of headlamp. Enjoy your ride.


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