Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Honda CBR250R 11 Features and Innovations

Honda CBR250R is the new phenomenal 250cc sport city motorcycles from Honda, this bike was released by Honda a few months ago. So did you know more about the New Honda CBR250R? here, I want to show you the 11 Features and Innovations of Honda CBR250R, I know that it's the basic features only, but I thing it's very important for all new riders who want to buy this 250 cc motor-bike. The most important key of New Honda CBR250R are prices, fuel-injection, low seat height and also ABS features, this bike also light weight and perfect for beginner riders.

It's all came from Honda official website, and I want to show the details about it all, as you can see at the picture below, 2011 Honda CBR250R is not race motorcycles style edition, it's looks better for daily ride and semi-touring, this bike delivery a comfortable ride and ergonomic riding position.

11 Honda CBR250R Features and Innovations
  1. Under-seat Storage
  2. Passenger Seat with Split seat design
  3. Low Seat Height 0.780 m
  4. Digital and Analog Display Instruments
  5. Layered Style Fairing
  6. Fuel Injection System
  7. Single Cylinder Engine
  8. Counter-Balance Shaft
  9. Pro-Link rear Suspension
  10. Disc Brakes
  11. ABS Features - Combined Anti-Lock Brake System
More about Honda CBR250R bike here - Specs - Colors

Can you see that? the low seat height and also light weight are the most important thinks from new Honda CBR250R, a lot of beginner riders was confused to choose which is the best motorbike for them, and CBR250R is one of the best to answer it.

Honda CBR250R also powered with Fuel-Injection system, it's nice features for efficient gas millage. CBR250R was ready with 2 edition, the standard brake system edition and CBR250R ABS edition, you can check the prices here - Honda CBR250R prices.

ABS Brake on the 250cc is not so popular, this features usually comes to 600cc motorcycles and up, but Honda seemly want to give it to for beginner riders, it's delivery comfortable handling and better safety for new riders. Good innovations and features so far for 250cc motorcycles.


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