Thursday, 28 July 2011

Honda CBF125 - Honda 125 cc Motorcycles

In the 125 cc motorcycles class, Honda has a Honda CBF125, this is one of 125cc motorcycles from Honda such as CBR125, Honda Innova 125 ANF125i, and XL125 Varadero, this bike comes with the standard bikes concept, but it still in sport class. Honda CBF125 powered by 124,7cc of engine capacity, 4-stroke, 2-valve, OHC single, and air cooled. The 125cc engine of CBF125 produced 8.3kW of power and 11.2Nm of torque, and it's good enough for daily activity.
Honda CBF125 - Honda 125 cc Motorcycles
As 125cc motorcycles, Honda CBF125 looks great with 5 speed transmission, well, as we know 125cc bike usually comes with 4 speed transmission, or automatic transmission such Honda PCX 125, but Honda CBF125 come with 5 speed transmission, nice. CBF125 also powered with Honda PGM-Fi fuel Injection system,and on the ignition system, this bike use computer controlled fully transistorised with electronic advance.
Honda CBF 125 CC White
The Honda CBF125 looks for beginner rider, this is light weight motorcycles, CBF125F just only 128Kg of weight, and 792mm of seat height, it's friendly 125cc bike right? Don't worry about gas tank capacity, Honda CBF125 has 13L of fuel capacity, this is enough for long trip, and you must remember, this is 125cc injection bike, you can save more gas and fuel efficient!!

When we looking into chassis and appearance, Honda CBF125 uses disc brakes system on the front side, and drum brakes on the rear. On the front side, CBF125 uses 240mm hydraulic disc with 2-pod caliper, it's enough for safety ride. On the wheels, CBF125 comes with 6 spoke cast aluminum, but there is another features that I don't like it, there is still standard dual shock breaker on suspension, as we know, single suspension is more stylish than it. Basically, Honda CBF125 is not full sport bike such as Honda CBR125, but it's also not under-bone series such as Honda Innova 125, it's look like simple minimalist sport-bike concept.


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