Friday, 25 March 2011

Honda XL 125 Varadero

Honda XL 125 is one of another Honda Varadero family, it's smallest series from Honda Varadero line up. Before we talk more about this bike, let see know more why we need a simple bike. Guys.. We know that motorcycles is simple vehicle that can give more practical riding to us, but there are a lot of motorcycles series in the market, there are available in 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, 600cc, and more than 1000cc, so which is the best for our daily activity? Truly, I don't like motorcycles with below 100cc of engine capacity, it's to small for me, and now the best capacity for me is around 125cc such us Honda XL 125 or Honda Varadero 125, of course this is for daily only and not for long trips or speed touring or also to get fast speed but it's about simple, practical, and easy to use.
Honda XL 125 Varadero
Honda XL 125 Varadero come with great dual purpose and adventure design, 125cc of engine displacement, PGM-Fi fuel injection system, Liquid-cooled for cooling system, 4-stroke type, 4-valve, SOHC 90° V-twin engine, produced a high performance for your daily activity. What about this Honda XL 125 Varadero maximum power and also maximum torque performance? well this bike has 10.6kW of max power, and 10Nm for max torque, it's more than enough for Me.
Honda XL 125 Varadero just only have 5-speed transmission, but don't worry about it, this bike is powerful with 10kw of power and you can easy to accelerate in your town, go to your work place, or get some easy adventure,
another info of Honda XL 125 Varadero:
- Seat Height 800mm
- Weight 152 Kg
- Euro 3
- Hecs3
- Comfort
- Friendly Handling
- Smart fuel-economy with PGM-Fi
- Stylish design

See another Honda 125cc variant
1. 2011 Honda CBR125R
2. 2011 Honda PCX 125
3. Honda NSR 125 R

If you want to get cheap dual purpose or beginner adventure bike with mini cost, Honda XL 125 Varadero is one of the best choice for you. Have fun.


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