Sunday, 6 March 2011

CBR 125 2011 - Perfect bike for real beginner

CBR 125 2011 In one of Honda CBR family today, truly, Honda has launched more than one series, CBR 125 2011, CBR 250R, and also CBR 150R. The "little" version of all is CBR 125 2011. Today, a lot of people looking for perfect bike for real beginner rider, 2011 Honda CBR 125 is one of the best from this class why? let see together.
CBR 125 2011
"CBR 125 2011" is one of the CBR family, it's mean, CBR 125 is special motorcycles with all CBR features. Powered with SOCH engine 4 stroke and also good cooling system with liquid-cooled, CBR 125 2011 produced 9.8kw @10.000rpm of max power, and 10.41Nm @8000 rpm of max torque. We all know that it's not like 2011 Honda CBR250R or like New Honda CBR 150 with DOCH engine, but I thing CBR 125 2011 still worth to buy. Enough motorcycles power with good fuel system with injection tech from Honda
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Honda CBR 125 is full sport bike with full fairing design. Did you know? The 125cc motorcycles usually not come with full fairing design? but CBR 125 2011 is it!! CBR 125 2011 completed all Honda CBR series for 2011 Honda motorcycles line-up. The 125cc motorcycles is safe for real beginner rider, I mean it's perfect bike for young people or who want to try small power of CBR series. Good luck for you.


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