Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Honda Innova 125 Motorbikes

Need a simple 125cc motorbikes? here is Honda Innova 125 from Honda UK. This bike powered with 125cc of engine displacement and also has great smooth engine performance power delivery. Honda Innova 125 motorbikes is small motorcycles series and also called underbone motorcycles series. There are some type of Honda Innova 125 motorbikes, with injection series and without it.
Honda Innova 125
Honda Innova 125 in Europe replace the carburetors series of Honda Innova 125 before (this bike also available in another country as like in Philippines, Indonesia named Honda Supra X 125 R, or also in Thailand Honda wave family), today "Honda Innova 125" uses PGM-Fi this is the fuel injection technology from Honda motorcycles.
Honda Innova 125
Here is the Honda Innova 125 (ANF125i Innova) Features
1. 125cc motorbikes
2. Simple and easy to ride
3. Fuel Injection tech with Honda PGM-Fi
4. Electric and neutral kick of Starter
5. Friendly Price
6. 6.84kW of Max power
7. Seat Height 778mm
8. Brakes Front 220mm hydraulic disc with dual-piston calliper

If you want to get a ride with simple motorcycles, Honda Innova 125 is one of the best for you, it's not scooters such us Honda PCX 125 and also not super sportbike with full fairing design such as CBR 125 2011, it's all about simple to performance motorbikes, Honda Innova 125 motorbikes also friendly riding position, nice bike from Honda.
Pics Honda UK.


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