Saturday, 2 April 2011

Waiting for 2011 Honda CBR150R

Honda has give more series from Honda CBR family, for example in United Kingdom, there are available entry class to medium class CBR series such us Honda CBR250R, CBR125R and the New CBR600F, but where is 2011 Honda CBR150R?
Honda CBR150R
Honda CBR150R

Honda CBR150R has been ready for the market in several countries, I have seen this motorcycle at youtube and if I noticed, Thailand is a country that has been prepared with the CBR150R and from some videos that I have watched, almost all CBR150R comes from Thailand but there is another New CBR150R from India.

Why many people are waiting for CBR150? in my opinion, CBR150R is one of the best value motorcycles from Honda, the price of CBR150R will cheaper than Honda CBR250R, that's in reason why so many people loved the CBR150R series.

The 150cc bike is best choice for all new rider, you can get small to medium motorcycles performance with a lot of design and type to choose, in full sport fairing bikes, there are a lot of 150cc brand such as Honda, Yamaha with R15, Suzuki GS series, and others brand, so Honda must get more promotion and more hard work to get more consumer.


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