Friday, 24 December 2010

2011 Honda CBR250R Is good enough for beginner

Honda always have a good motorcycles, and today, the Honda CBR250R is one of the most popular entry level  motorcycles for beginner rider, why? because the Honda CBR 250R is 250cc motorcycles with easy to ride and also not so fast as like CBR 1000RR the super bike series.. yeah it's just 250cc guys.. but okay.. let see the advantages from Honda CBR250R. First, friendly engine. if you want to try more than 600cc motorcycles, you will need more sport bike riding experience, but if you want to try the Honda CBR250R, you can start it now, the engine is not to hard to handle, and usually, woman can ride the 250cc motorcycles as like riding on Ninja zx250. see also CBR250 vs Ninja 250r
Honda CBR250R
Honda CBR250R is fuel-injected motor bike with full fairing series (Honda CBR250R Specs), the value 250cc motorcycles and it's perfect for beginner rider who want to try the 250cc motorcycles, actually, Kawasaki have ninja 250r series, and it's the rival of New Honda CBR250R. Honda have more big name than kawasaki, but if you are the speed lover, Ninja ZX250 is more powerfull than Honda CBR250R, it's because the Ninja ZX250 is two-cylinder of engine technology, and Honda CBR250R just have one cylinder system. it's the reason why Ninja 250R more than Honda CBR250R..

For not speed lover, I can say that Honda CBR250R is good and value for money, oh yeah, Honda CBR250R have a good handling and also good shock breaker system, there is two version of Honda CBR250R, CBR250R and Also CBR250R ABS.. Finally, price to performance is not bad, once again, Honda CBR250R is value motor bike for your daily user, also for your family or your girls friend, The 250cc motorcycles is not to hard for woman who want to use it for daily riding.. here is anothe opinion from me about -> Honda CBR250R great job Honda !!      


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