Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yamaha TW200 - Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha TW200 is the beautiful dual-purpose bike from Yamaha Motorcycles, Yamaha TW200 is comfortable motorcycles with nice features, there is something unique from Yamaha TW200 motorcycles, there is a big and also fat tires, you know what it means? Big tires produced a comfortable riding, safety, and good for off road, Yamaha TW200 also great looking with nice design, the engine of Yamaha TW powered by almost 200cc, you easy to start the engine with electric starter. There is no liquid-cooling but it's still okay with only strong pulling air-cooled, this bike is 4 stroke with single type and delivery a high torque performance low to medium and it's mean you can fun to use it on and also specially for off road.
Yamaha TW200
Yamaha TW200 Features :
1. Big tires
2. 196cc of engine displacement
3. Air-Cooled 4 stroke 2 Valves
4. 5 Speed Transmission
6. Good low to medium torque power
7. Smooth-shifting manual clutch
8. engine counter-balancer
9. 33mm telescopic front fork
10.Lightweight box section swing-arm
11.Hydraulic front disc brake

That's a short info about Yamaha TW200, remember, dual purpose bike is not only about top speed, but torque and also comfortable riding, and that is more important than others things and Yamaha TW200 come with all it, with only 200cc, you can play around your place to other hard place with this Yamaha TW200, nice bike with good big tires and lot of standard dual-purpose motorcycles features.


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