Wednesday, 23 March 2011

2011 Honda CBR600F

Are you ready to ride the new 2011 Honda CBR600F guys? well this month March 2011, Honda U.K will introduce the legend, yeah there is 2011 Honda CBR600F, this bike will come with all new Honda motorcycles technology and also new Honda sport bike design, if you know about new 2011 Honda CBR250R and also 2011 Honda CBR125R series, CBR600F now comes with a new design such as New Honda CBR family in this year. This bike produce a high performance and also smooth power delivery and friendly handling, 2011 CBR600F is one of the best 600CC bike for use every day and it's powerful CBR series for your daily activity.
2011 Honda CBR600F
2011 Honda CBR600F

Here is the basic engine specs of 2011 CBR600F
1. Engine capacity : 599cc
2. Maximum Power : 75KW
3. Maximum Torque : 64Nm
4. PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
5. Cooling System : Liquid-cooled
6. Engine type : 4 stroke 16 valve !!
7. 6 Speed transmission
8. 800 mm of Seat Height
9. C-ABS - Combined Antilock Brake System
10. Euro 3

This bike is next level after 2011 CBR250R
2011 Honda CBR600F on the road
2011 Honda CBR600F on the road
(all pics and reference from Honda U.K)

2011 Honda CBR600F come with all good things, I means, it's real new bike from Honda, 600cc is strong engine for get a speed, new CBR600F also delivery comfortable ride experience with new handler bar and also friendly seat height, the C-ABS for safety riding also available, Euro 3, this is the friendly 600cc modern bike from Honda !!If you live in U.K, you can get this bike soon. Good luck and enjoy your ride.


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