Monday, 4 April 2011

Honda CBR250R MPG - Near 60 MPG!!

Awesome fuel economy !! Honda CBR250R MPG near 60 MPG !!, I know that it's because the Honda CBR250R fuel-Injection technology can make a CBR250R more fuel friendly, there is a lot of Honda CBR250R reviews in the webs and I can get the final result about the truly CBR250R mpg, yeah there is around 60 mpg, (55 mpg - 57 mpg) and it's good bike for your daily activity.
Honda CBR250R
Today, Honda motorcycles has great work for their new bike such Honda CBR250R, this bike is global product and will be available in many country in the world, so if you want to know more about this bike you can read other post below :
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7. Honda CBR250R India
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9. Ninja 250R VS CBR250R

The key of New CBR250R is 250cc, DOCH, Fuel-Injection (great!!) and also fresh design from Honda CBR Family, nice bike from Honda with cheap price and you can see that CBR250R mpg is good enough right?.. it's great.


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