Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Honda CBR250R Price in Thailand

Honda CBR250R price in Thailand is cheap enough, yeah the standard New 2011 Honda CBR250R price around 100,500 Baht and for Special series with ABS features around 115,000 Baht, So you can find what is the best price for you. Honda CBR250R is global motorcycles product from Honda, it's also sell in another country. Thailand is the first country to selling the New Honda CBR 250R series.
honda cbr250R
Honda CBR250R Price in Thailand is almost same in another country, with this prices area, Honda will head to head with Ninja 250 series. Before you buy the Honda CBR250R, you must to know that this bike is friendly handling and also has beauty design. The fuel-injection system and DOCH engine produced high performance and also good power for beginner rider. See more about Honda CBR250R is my previous articles. Good luck and have fun!!


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