Wednesday, 2 March 2011

CBR 250 Indonesia - Finally ready for you !!

Want to try this bike in Indonesia? don't worry, Today, CBR 250 Indonesia has finally ready for you. Good bike with friendly price, Honda CBR 250cc is perfect for beginner rider rider who want to try the Honda CBR series, and CBR 250 Indonesia is the next level from Honda CBR 150. Guys.. I have been  post about Honda CBR 250cc coming soon news a few days ago, and Today, Honda CBR250R is really ready for all Honda CBR lover..
CBR 250 Indonesia
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CBR 250 Indonesia released on Friday February 25 2011
Honda CBR 250cc come for all rider who want to try full sporty and full fairing motorcycles, with only 250cc of engine capacity, DOCH engine, and also fuel-injection technology, CBR 250 Indonesia is the right choice with price around IDR 39,000,000 standard and IDR 46,500,000 for ABS edition.

- Honda CBR250R specs
- Honda CBR250R color

For Indonesia market, there is two motorcycles with 250cc of engine displacement, there are Ninja 250 and also this CBR 250cc. Which is better for Us? it's defending your need of course, need more top speed? Ninja 250R still better, but if you want ot try New CBR series, CBR 250 Indonesia is the best choice for you.


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