Thursday, 20 January 2011

Honda CBR250R India

Well, The New 2011 Honda CBR250R is rising star 250cc motorcycles, Honda CBR250R India will ready and release March or April (2011). Honda CBR250R was released in Thailand, but. in India and another country, The 2011 CBR250R will ready between March and also April.
Honda CBR250R
Honda CBR250R released in USA and the prices MSRP :$3.999 see? it's almost same with 2011 Kawasaki ninja 250r !! Honda will fight with Ninja ZX250.

Back to Honda CBR250R India, guys.. if you want to try the latest fresh sportbike 250cc motorcycles, you can wait and then try the Honda CBR250R, yeah I found many information about Honda CBR250R India that will ready on March or also April. What about prices? well.. I thing it's around Ninja 250R price, because in Europe, Ninja 250R and also Honda CBR 250R prices is almost same,.. so you can thing about it.

Truly, India is the next CBR250R home after Thailand, and you must to know that Honda CBR250R will ready in 22 country (country list). So.. if your country on the list, congratulation and just wait the CBR launching in your country..


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