Thursday, 3 March 2011

Price War !! CBR250R VS Ninja 250R, Kawasaki have to be careful

After launched a few month ago, Honda cbr250r is one of the most popular motorcycle products on the internet, why cbr250r very famous? This is because CBR is a product of Honda, Honda has a big name in the motorcycle industry. Kawasaki as the Ninja 250R owner must be vigilant, with the presence Honda cbr250r, now, everyone who wants to buy a 250cc motorcycle, will choose among the Ninja 250R or cbr250R.
kawasaki ninja 250R
War has begin yeah "Price War !! CBR250R VS Ninja 250R, Kawasaki have to be careful"
Price of Honda cbr250r in some countries is almost the same with the price of Ninja 250R, this is the beginning of the war between Honda and Kawasaki. Actually, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, has several times had a rival in the 250cc class, but until now, the Ninja 250R is fixed as the best choice, because the price is cheap and also excess Kawasaki Ninja 250R quite a lot. even the Ninja 250R was once honored as 2009 best value motorcycle.
honda cbr250R
1. 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
2. 2011 Honda CBR250R
3. Ninja 250R VS CBR250R

with almost the same of ninja 250r price and cbr250r price, order to each person has individual taste, Kawasaki Ninja 250R has a top speed as well as a more powerful engine, compared with Honda cbr250r, however, the Honda CBR250R is one of the latest motorcycles from Honda, with good design, fuel-injection system, and also same with DOCH machine as Kawasaki, Kawasaki do not thing that it's easy to handle CBR250R, Kawasaki must do something to make Ninja 250R more better than Honda,.

Guys if you have much money, which would you choose? Kawasaki ninja 250R? or Honda cbr250R? .. with almost the same price, I find it hard to choose a motorcycle, among the ninja and cbr. What about you?


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