Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Honda CBR250R VS Yamaha? Unknown 250cc Product

Honda CBR250R VS Yamaha? Unknown 250cc Product. Who will be able to survive in the 250cc full sport fairing motorcycles market? Honda 250cc VS Yamaha 250cc?,Truly, I'm happy cause Honda has been working hard to be able to make a 250cc motorcycle the Honda CBR250R, while the Yamaha? it's still unknown!!. We all can see that Honda has been making motorcycles that many talk about by lovers of motorcycles in around the world such as in Motorcycles forum or community , and they also have a lot to ask, where is Yamaha 250cc sport fairing bike product?
Yamaha Fazer 250 cc
(Yamaha Fazer)
In fact, Yamaha has a picture of the opponent who must be released to face with the CBR250R, you can see the Yamaha Fazer 250, but until now, I have not heard about this certainty, what the 250cc motorcycles would Yamaha to make and to fight with New Honda CBR250R?
Honda CBR250R
(Honda CBR250R)
If yamaha wanted to win against The Honda CBR250R, Yamaha must immediately make a nice bike, global bike product with FULL SPORT design !! not like Fazer 250 !!, Actually, if we pay more attention. Yamaha team has good in creativity, they can make a bike with a very nice design, try to note some Yamaha products such as Yamaha R15, if Yamaha can make Yamaha R15 with an amazing design and great performance, why are they difficult to make a 250cc like this? what is the problem?
Yamaha R15
(Yamaha R15)

News of Yamaha 250cc rumors is not much, I never found an accurate news about Yamaha products that will fight with Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki as the old leader in the 250cc class with Ninja 250 should be able to handle this attack, make a new Ninja 250R facelift !! as soon as possible before another product get more loyal fans from their new 250cc bike product. So Let us wait together, will Yamaha can fight with Honda? or Yamaha would be keep silent? if Yamaha made ​​a new 250cc motorcycle, will it like Honda? requirements that must be owned Yamaha might like this

In my opinion
1. 250cc of engine displacement
3. Liquid-cooled (recommended)
4. large whell
6. Digital Instrument
7. Friendly Price

So.. that's is for Honda CBR250R VS Yamaha Unknown, I hope Yamaha can hear a lot of tips and critics from all Yamaha fans, I also meet a lot of friends, my family and talking about Yamaha 250cc bike product, so.. good luck for Yamaha, We still waiting for your New Yamaha 250cc motorcycles and have a nice day for all of you guys.


deepak said...

HONDA 250 R IS D BEST 1 AS I owe honda bike too & no doubt they will keep up dier promises

Anonymous said...

I hoping that this bike is in 4 Piston

Admin said...

@deepak : I know that the style and design of R15 is awesome, but not for engine performance, nothing special from this Yamaha 150cc sportbike, CBR250R is good bike, I agree with you

@Anonymous : I hoping for 250cc engine, DOCH, single cylinder and liquid-cooled for min. specs on the next Yamaha 250cc ^_^..

Anonymous said...

I heard yamaha is coming up with r4 a concept in japanese magazine its a woww but if it comes it will blow the 250 segemnt wide open and it will be good in terms of choices for indian customers

Admin said...

Well that's a good news for all Yamaha fans, but I thing the best next project for Yamaha is making a 250cc bikes, both of street-bike style and full sport-faired bike style, but let see it soon.

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