Monday, 31 January 2011

Yamaha R15 - awesome little sport bikes

Yamaha R15 come with full sporty design, powered with only 150cc of engine capacity, Yamaha R15 is one of the best choice for little sport bikes class. Awesome !! that's is the perfect words from Me, if you're the real beginner rider and want to try the real sport bikes "design", Yamaha R15 come for you, best prices and it's value-performance motorcycles from Yamaha. Today, 250cc motorcycles is more popular for beginner motorcycle riders, you can see that Honda CBR250R and also Ninja 250R come with full features for all beginner rider, but guys.. it's all about taste and experience, and everybody different, and for Me, Yamaha R15 is awesome little sport bikes in design, prices value and performance!!
Yamaha R15
What about the Yamaha R15 performance? well, this bike has great power for entry level class, with only 150cc capacity, Yamaha R15 has 17PS @8,500rpm of max power, it's not bad and good enough.
Yamaha R15 pictures
Key features of "Yamaha R15" :
- 150cc bikes
- Digital speed meter
- Liquid-Cooled
- DiASil Cylinder
- Fuel-Injection
- DeltaBox Frame
- Yamaha "R" design

NEW UPDATE : Yamaha R15 2.0 - new gen was born !!
So.. it's your time to find more about Yamaha R15 riding experience.. try it now, if you're the real 100% new to motorcycles, and want to try 150cc full sport bikes design with good value to performance, here is one of the best choice for you, yeah.. Yamaha R15 is awesome little sport bikes for you. Good luck.


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