Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kawasaki Helmets for your Ninja

I love this one, yeah it's original Kawasaki Helmets from Kawasaki U.K official website, if you need Kawasaki ninja helmets for your ninja motorcycles, this is one of the best Kawasaki helmets for you. Check this out the real green Ninja bike accessories.
Kawasaki Ninja Helmets
Here is the Kawasaki Ninja Helmets specs edition :
Kawasaki Helmets

Supersport full-face helmet
Lining/cheek padding:
AquaTrans ; replaceable and washable
Visor: V9-Ninja clear Anti-scratch and anti-fog with visor locking mechanism
Fastener: Double D-ring
Helmet shell: Fibreglass/Spectra/Kevlar
Sizes: XS (53-54) - XXL(63-64)
Colours: Dragon KC4 F (green/silver/black), KC5 F (anthracite/silver/black)
Licensed products

It's nice colors for Ninja bike, for example, if you have green Ninja 250R motorcycles, it's perfect color combination between your bike and your helmet.. nice.
see also : Valentino Rossi Helmet from AGV
Sorry guys.. i can found the price for this Kawasaki Helmets series, but if you want to buy this Ninja Helmets, you can try to find it at Kawasaki U.K official website here, okay good luck for you.


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