Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ducati Rossi 2011 in Qatar

Ducati Rossi 2011 in Qatar is not so good, from the last game in Qatar, Valentino Rossi have not shown his best, is this because of an injury suffered? if you watch the match in Qatar, we can see a great battle between Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo. Stoner has shown his best, when the practice session in Qatar, Stoner also been several times to be the best and fastest rider, well, It's looks like Qatar has become a favorite circuit for Stoner, and I also predict this guy in my older post, read here : Stoner Honda
Ducati Rossi 2011
Ducati Rossi in 2011 must demonstrate competence in the next race, if we see the final results of races in Qatar, we can see that Stoner with his new team Honda was very great performance, Jorge Lorenzo was also still showing his ability with his old team Yamaha, I understand, Valentino Rossi and Ducati is a new team and they need time to get to know each other, but if we look at the ability of Stoner who also recently joined Honda, Ducati and Rossi defeat is not really an excuse, so, where is the fault Ducati and Valentino Rossi at the game in Qatar yesterday ?

Actually, before the race in Qatar begins, I expect a lot of 2011 Rossi and Ducati Team, I hope there will be a very interesting race between the Honda vs Yamaha vs Ducati, each team has a great racer, but I am a little disappointed with not smooth race from the Ducati team, and I just saw battle between two teams, the Honda vs. Yamaha. Well let see the next race, will Rossi and Ducati 2011 show their ability? let see together.


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