Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Honda Scoopy - New Honda Motorcycles Prices and first look

Honda Scoopy is the new Honda Motorcycles for Asia Market. Come with unique design, Honda Scoopy is perfect for young people who like simple motorcycles and great classic look. Scoopy is one of the Honda Scooter, yeah it's as like Honda beat, what new and features from Honda Scoopy?

Honda Scoopy Features : automatic magnet security lock (auto secure keys shutter), lock brake for safety and from more safety when you start your Scooter, Honda Scoopy include side stand switch and automatic choke. Great new head lamp, i thing it's very nice !!

New Image - 2012 Honda Scoopy Pink colored

2012 Honda Scoopy Pink

Many of color that you can choose from Honda Scoopy, there are Classic White, Retro Pink (perfect for girl) and Vintage Violet gives elegant, Honda Scoopy looks appear is very classic, but it's so funky with retro and exclusive vintage style. Honda Scoopy prices is around US$1,400 (defending your country). Honda Scoopy is the new rival for new Yamaha Scooter, there is Yamaha Xeon. let see which one that can be the best Scooter now..

Updated : If you wants to ride a Honda Scoopy with more powerful engine, Honda motorcycles also offered the Honda Scoopy 125cc series, this bike has been presented in many country such as in Spain, you can read more about this Scoopy variant here : Honda Scoopy 125. Good luck.


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