Thursday, 30 September 2010

White Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles you're awesome !!

Here is another White Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles, i just want to say "you're awesome!!" Guys.. i know that motorcycles color is very important when we want to buy a motorcycle, why it very important? yeah i thing it's all about "Who i'm".. that's it.

First pic, simple white kawasaki ninja 250R 
White Kawasaki Ninja 250r simple
White Simple Kawasaki Ninja 250R
Here is modified Ninja 250r at contest, see more at - kawasaki ninja modification
modified white Ninja 250r
Modified White Kawasaki Ninja 250
Here is another white kawasaki ninja 250r from, great job !!
White Kawasaki Ninja 250r Motorcycles
Here is the King Of White Kawasaki Ninja series, it's White Ninja Zx-14 from
White Kawasaki Ninja zx-14 Motorcycles

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Today, Kawasaki Motorcycles not just only have green or black series, They are so cleaver and have more variant and it's good for motorcycles marketing, i have seen this white ninja on the road, and i thing it's really awesome !! i am not wrong it's perfect for white lover !! So.. what about you?


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