Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Honda Scoopy 125 Scooter

Honda Scoopy 125
Honda Scoopy 125 series is one of the Honda Scoopy variant, this bikes has comes to many country in Europe such as in Spain. Truly, I have talked about Honda Scoopy 110 in few days ago and now let's see the Scoopy 125cc edition. Basically, all Honda Scoopy series including Scoopy 110 and Scoopy 125 has comes with the same design and style, still with classical motorcycles style, practically and comfortable to ride, both of Honda Scoopy variant provides an attractive option for anyone who wants to ride a small motorcycle with friendly engine capacity and off course low prices.

Based from Honda motorcycles Spain official website at honda-montesa.es, Honda Scoopy 125 named as Scoopy SH125, this bikes powered by 125cc of engine capacity, 4-stroke single cylinder, SOCH, liquid-cooled and also fuel injection system, Honda Scoopy SH125 produces 10.1 kW (13.5 hp)@9,000 rpm of maximum power and 11.5 Nm @7,250 rpm of maximum torque, it has totally better performance than Scoopy 110cc which it has comes with only 8.28 PS @8.000 of maximum power. Here is the bike.

Honda Scoopy 125 red color

Honda Scoopy 125cc edition has comes with more modern looks, oh yeah while the Scoopy 110 comes with rounded head-lamp on the front body work, rounded-mirror, and sharp rounded/oval on the rear side, Scoopy 125 comes with no-rounded head-lamp style, and the main-lamp has comes in to the head side of bike. The tires of Scoopy 125 also bigger than Scoopy 110cc, Scoopy 125 equipped with 100/80-16 50P tire size on the front tire and 120/80-16 60P tire size on the rear tire, Scoopy 110 only powered by 80/90 – 14 M/C 40P tire size on the front and also 90/90 – 14 M/C 46P tire size on the rear. There is one thing important thing that you have to know from Scoopy 125, this 125 Scooter has comes with disc brakes on the front brakes also on the rear brakes system, so you can ride with comfortable also safety with Scoopy 125 scooter, nice.

Honda Motorcycles Spain has offered the Honda Scoopy SH125 series with the prices starting from €3.489 to €3.629, it's defending the Scoopy 125 series or type. I will post more about Honda Scoopy 125 variant in the next post. Have a nice day.


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