Sunday, 6 May 2012

Honda Scoopy - Scooter Features

Honda Scoopy is one of the most beautiful retro classical style scooters from Honda which it has been released in many countries such as in Thailand or Indonesia, this bike is not the premium class from Honda but it has comes with many good features as entry-level scooters. If you never know "what is Honda Scoopy" scooters, Scoopy is 110cc scooter class from Honda, it has equipped with SOCH 4-stroke engine, air-cooling, and full automatic transmission for easy ride. While the Honda Scoopy engine only powered by 110cc of engine displacement, this beauty scooter produces 8.28 PS @8.000 rpm of maximum power and 8,32 N.m @5.500 rpm of maximum torque, not so powerful but still okay for riding everyday, read here (Honda Scoopy specs) for more details.

Honda Scoopy features

Today, we will see more about the Honda Scoopy features, so what is that? let see together. Based from from Honda Scoopy official web page at, I have found 6 main features of Scoopy and here they are :
  1. Auto Secure Key Shutter : This is the important security features for motorcycles, the feature protected the Honda Scoopy from the thieves
  2. Brake Lock : Protected the rider from accident when the engine is starting, it's pratically and comfortable for stoping on the ramp.
  3. Side Stand Switch : When the side stand enable, you can't turn on the engine, you can ride only if the side stand in the off position, it's perfect for safety.
  4. Auto Choke : Easy to start and just turn on the engine without manually choke
  5. MF Battery : Practical batteries and free from maintenance
  6. Rear Clichon with Inner Cover : Tough and easy to maintenance

Honda Scoopy Pink
Honda Scoopy has completed the Honda Scooter line-up so you can easy to pick it one by your needs. Back to the Scoopy type, while the engine and performance looks not so special, the features of this bike is very good and better than other scooters in it class, if you looking for complete features of 110cc scooter with a beautiful classical design, I thing Honda Scoopy is one of the best for you, it's safe to ride, easy to ride and low maintenance, what a nice entry-level scooter from Honda.


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