Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Yamaha Xeon The New 125cc Motorcycles from Yamaha

Yamaha Xeon yeah this The New 125CC Motorcycles series from Yamaha, i found it at I thing Yamaha Xeon is the Yamaha Mio re-generation but Yamaha Xeon used 125CC of engine displacement, actually 124,9CC. What the new features of Yamaha Mio 125 or "Yamaha Xeon", check at :
oke here they are, Yamaha Xeon 125CC Features :
1. Liquid Cooled
2. New Sporty Muffler/Exhaust
3. Diasil Cylinder
4. Throttle Position Control
5. Forged Piston

Update (April 2012) :
New 2012 Yamaha Xeon has comes with new graphics and new colors, you can check the Xeon specs HERE.

Nice !! love this...Go Yamaha Xeon 125 !!


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